The well-experienced personnel of VS&E GmbH will support you in engineering of pipe systems as well as in the preparation of fabrication and installation of the same.

1.) We execute the Basic Engineering and routing of pipe systems or provide support thereby. This includes (i.a.):
  • Selection of material
  • Wall thickness calculation
  • Dimensioning of pipe diameters
  • Pressure drop calculation/optimization
  • Calculation, engineering of pipe insulation
  • Generation or review of pipe stress analyses (CAESAR II, Rohr2)
  • Generation or review of pipe support concept (rigid, springs, dynamic)
  • Review of 2D design (isometrics, support dwgs, steelwork dwgs)
  • Review of 3D design (conformity with P&ID’s, check/optimization of support concepts, clash check)
2.) We further on execute the Detailed Engineering or support herein after finalization of pipe routing:
  • Fluid hammer calculation (quasi static acc. to Joukowski or dynamic)
  • Final pipe stress analyses (CAESAR II, Rohr2)
  • Finalization of support concept (rigid, springs, dynamic)
  • Calculation/engineering of flange connections (gaskets, bolts, nuts; calculation of bolt torque; calculation of flange tightness)
  • Generation of pipe floating procedures
  • Generation of Fabrication Isometrics on basis of existing basic design (basic isometric drawings) in CAD incl. required details (orientation of nozzles, branches, valves, etc.; welding bevel; etc.)
  • Review of all aforementioned documents, calculations, procedures regarding compliance with specification and common fabrication and transport dimensions
  • Studies of Fluid Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) as per EPRI requirements
3.) For preparation of fabrication and installation we create or review the following quality documents and procedures:
  • weld map incl. assignment of relevant WPS, NDE, heat treatment
  • WPS, PQR (ASME, review only)
  • Test plans, test procedures
  • Support / consulting in creation of installation manuals for piping, supports and insulation

HP PRDS steam drain station with flashtank 1 CCW pump station


Project Management


“Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.” (PMI)







Technical Advisory


VS&E is always your first choice for technical advisory, independently if it concerns products from our portfolio, innovative solutions in engineering or project management or specific technical issues and tailor made solutions. We guarantee a customized and capable review and resolution of all issues throughout the project execution phase in close coordination with our Customers to meet each and every demand.

Spare Parts Service


VS&E offers in addition a reliable spare parts service for numerous products around valves. We will be looking forward for your inquiry.

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